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February 23, 2016

The Publishing Experience (1)

What will publishing be like in fifty years? Will we be reading books from our brain implants? Will people still love print books but be printing and binding them in their home or office? Will reading increase because people will have more time as they travel in self-piloted personal drones?

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February 16, 2016

Grace and Truth

After decades of sending quarterly newsletters to authors, I sent my last one last week. I received many encouraging responses to it. So I thought I would post it here for the rest of you.

Dear IVP Author:

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February 11, 2016

Not Last, Maybe Least

I began my first post at Andy Unedited with these words: "To write a blog, you need to have an interesting personality or provocative opinions. I have neither."

Nine years and over four hundred blogs later, it's still true. My kids nicknamed me Eeyore. I reckon I have the emotional range of a turnip. And I am at my most passionate when it comes to commas.

Although February 12, 2016,Andy's full shelves.jpg is my last day at IVP after over forty years as a full-time employee and thousands of IVP books published, by the good graces of folks here at IVP, I shall continue Andy Unedited. I will, however, now don the guise of a guest blogger.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to inflict such opinions as I have on an unsuspecting public. So if there are topics you think I should address, continue to let me know. Books, ideas, publishing, writing, history, editing, leadership, scholarship--all these and more continue to be important to me, and I think important to society.

But blogging needs one other element--fun. And as long as that lasts, so shall Andy Unedited.

Photo credit: Cindy Bunch. My IVP office before I packed up my library of 2,500 IVP books and shipped them off to Christian students and seminary libraries in the Majority World.

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February 2, 2016

The Future of Editing 3: Flexibility

Tech savvy, design savvy, globally savvy, multiethnically savvy, networking savvy and professionally savvy--in my previous post that's what I said editors will need to be in the future.

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