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February 2, 2016

The Future of Editing 3: Flexibility

Tech savvy, design savvy, globally savvy, multiethnically savvy, networking savvy and professionally savvy--in my previous post that's what I said editors will need to be in the future.

Fellow IVP editor Dan Reid, after reading this, wrote me, "All of the qualities call for flexibility, adaptability. In my experience, the editorial profession attracts a certain lot of people who do not like change. If you can draw blood over a comma, you can fight over anything!"

Dan is on to Editor voice.jpgsomething. I have often deliberately cultivated the persona of a curmudgeon. If things aren't just to my liking, to my particular sense of literary or publishing decorum, well, I can be rather dismissive--in a lovable sort of way, of course.

A while back Dan also sent me a postcard picturing someone sternly shaking an index finger and saying, "Do not make me use my editor voice!" He obviously knew who to send it to.

So by way of analogy, let me appeal to the editorial heart and its love for language. We all recognize that language, especially English, changes constantly and rapidly. Some changes are for the good and some are not. But language transforms despite our best attempts to keep our finger in the dike of change. Good editors will accommodate themselves and their craft to such change in ways that will improve communication from writer to reader.

One other fundamental rule that good writers and good editors adhere to is this: know when to break the rules. Know when to make a change. Sometimes a big, bold change. Sometimes a small, subtle one. What is true in writing and editing is true in life. Know when to break the rules.

Cultivate the curmudgeonly persona? Of course. But also cultivate the flexible persona.

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January 20, 2016

The Future of Editing 2: Who Editors Need to Be

For me, editing has always been about loving words and loving ideas. Learning and thinking will always be important. Yet in a technology-saturated world with an ever-accelerating rate of change, we don't know exactly what books and reading will be like in the future. We have a better idea, however, of who editors need to be in the future.

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January 12, 2016

The Future of Editing 1: Everyone Needs an Editor

Jim Sire, my predecessor at IVP as editorial director, loved to tell the story of a book review he had drafted. He showed it to Paul to look over before he sent it off to a journal.

Paul told him, "Here you say the book has merit but wasn't evocative enough. What you actually write, however, is, 'The book isn't suggestive enough.' That actually has a very different meaning than the one I think you intend! I doubt you mean that the book fails to contain adequate sexual innuendo."

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December 10, 2015

Books That Can Change Lives

On November 3, I was honored at the annual InterVarsity Fall Leadership Meetings in recognition of my 42 years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and my upcoming retirement in February. About seventy key people from across the country in InterVarsity attended. After hearing some generous comments from Interim President Jim Lundgren and IVP Publisher Bob Fryling, they let me offer a few words. Here is what I said.

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November 11, 2015

Getting a Job in Publishing

A college senior told a friend of mine, "I think I'd like to work in publishing."

So the friend asked me, "Do you have any suggestions I could offer her?" Here's what I said.

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October 27, 2015

Lighting a Candle Instead of Cursing the Lack of Reading

Once again another survey has emerged noting the decline of book reading among Americans across all formats--print, digital or audio. The new Pew Research Center Survey confirms a long-term trend. As more forms of entertainment arise and as education levels decline, reading goes down.

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